Why Ritamonti

Founded in Rome, Italy RitaMonti is known around the world for the superior taste of its distinctive gourmet coffee. Our blends are enjoyed each day by several million people worldwide who choose RitaMonti for their coffee and espresso preparation.

RitaMonti coffee is sold in several countries around the Globe. While the company was first established and is currently headquartered in Italy, sales outside of Italy are increasingly important to global growth.The company’s goal is to fully utilize the knowledge gained through its research to continuously improve the quality of its product.
Top-quality research and development facilities are designed to compete in a dynamic industry where the need to bring innovative and effective technologies is the key business driver.

To produce consistently superior espresso coffee, RitaMonti first searches the world for the finest beans and combines them into a single blend. The beans are then carefully roasted and air-cooled to perfection before packaging to ensure quality and freshness. The resulting consistent high quality and distinctive taste are what make RitaMonti the choice of consumers around the world.