Tuscany, a region of exceptional natural beauty and artistic heritage, is the inspiration for the Toscana Collection. Through it, Rita Monti meshes the natural with the ethereal to create works worthy of their Medieval legacy. The hue of Tuscany’s red earth provides a vivacious backdrop to the details of elaborate designs and eye-catching works of art destined to be the jewels of any collection.
Dinner Plate Salad/Dessert Plate Cereal/Pasta/Salad Bowl Tea Cup/
Round Bowl Small Round Bowl Barocco Serving Tray Serving Tray Oval Large Serving Tray
Square Serving Tray Fish Serving Tray Large Pasta Serving Dish Medium Pasta Serving Dish Grand Antipasto
Base holds 6pc inner serving dish Pedestal Fruit Dish Cake Dish Salt & Pepper w- Caddy Oil & Vinegar w- Caddy
Pitcher Large Biscotti Jar Medium Biscotti Jar Candle-Stick Large Planter
Umbrella Stand Grand Urn Table Lamp Base