About Us

Welcome to the Rita Monti Home Collection, hand formed and hand-painted works of art which bring the ageless beauty of Italy to America. In time-honoredtradition, Rita Monti takes her inspiration from the hues of the landscape to create works rich in the warmth and passion of the Italian lifestyle. Following the influences of Michaelangelo, da Vinci, della Robbia and Urbino and formed in the heart of Rome, her crafts of exquisite perfection and fine detail express the union of art and function reminiscent of a simpler and unhurried era.
The heritage of the bottega artigiana, centuries of intricately stunning patterns handed down through generations, is shared in every work of practical art bearing the Rita Monti signature. In her main collections, she reflects the character of their namesakes in color, line and emotion. With a vast array of additional historic patterns and modern classics available through custom production, every home can express the individual taste which has graced the tables of Italy’s most renowned families for over six hundred years. 

Each Rita Monti Collection creation will vary slightly, as every piece is hand-formed on a potter’s wheel and hand-painted in the traditional methods which are the hallmarks of the Italian ceramic artisan. The shape, design and color of each piece can vary slightly, the pressure of the potter’s hand or the flick of a painter’s wrist creating its unique personality. These one of a kind treasures carry the culture and vitality of the Italian lifestyle from her home to yours.